Pierre Taljaard, CFA CFP®

Pierre Taljaard, CFA CFP®


Hi there 👋,

I’m a financial planner who helps busy professionals to make smart money decisions with confidence.

Unlike most other advisers, I do more than just sell financial products.

I help clients to become clear, get organised, and to take action.

Current Projects


Simple Wealth

I'm the founder of an independent financial planning business in Ballito.

The business helps busy professionals to live the life they want without being anxious about money.

Through long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect, we take clients from being overwhelmed about the future to being confident and in control.


Humans Under Management

I'm the co-host of the South African event of this behavioural finance conference for financial advisers.

The mission of HUM is to promote, highlight, and build on the work that great advisers are doing in developing their behavioural financial advice practices.


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How Should I Invest?


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